Criteria for the quality of the diploma

Beginning to work on the diploma project, students ask themselves how to write it, so that the procedure for its protection would go perfectly.

If a student approaches seriously the issue of protection, then in addition to the above criteria, there are many aspects that need to be considered in order to write a successful job.

According to the existing regulations in the modern educational environment, graduate diplomas are evaluated according to the following equivalent criteria:

The topic should be modern and relevant, and, ideally, have practical and scientific significance;

Compliance with the design principles;

Logical presentation of the material, its analysis and effective conclusions;

Systematization of the text by chapters and paragraphs, whose name should reflect the essence of what is stated in them;

Bibliography consisting of both fundamental literature and periodicals;

Quality and usefulness of the data used;

Assessing the quality of the thesis project, is given to applications, the so-called handout material, used during the defense, as well as the level of the speech and presentation.

It is important to say that all these criteria are evaluated in a complex, and it is absolutely pointless to single out priority among them.

Thus, in the process of preparation it’s important to carefully consider all of the above. But most importantly, in the process of writing the work, the author should not simply disclose the topic, but also bring his vision to it and prove the relevance of his concept and the appropriateness of his recommendations. This will create a diploma project, which, in addition to quality, will be a work that has real scientific and practical value.

Much depends on how the student was able to prepare for the defense of the thesis project. It takes up to 15 minutes. The narrative of the main content of the project should be free, the abstracts of the speech should sound apart from the text of the prepared report. Speech should be conducted confidently, supporting speech with slides of a good presentation.

Minutes of protecting the diploma project solve a lot. To make these moments unforgettable for the members of the commission and the university as a whole, it is necessary to work hard at writing the thesis work, to take responsibly to its fulfillment.